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Advanced Clinical Lab Services You Can Trust.

Our constant endeavor is to provide you with the most accurate healthcare reports to help you make the best decision possible with regards to your overall well-being. We have the expertise and technology to back it up.

Services we provide

We capitalize on the most technologically advanced equipment to examine your samples.

Our team of expert lab technicians make use of the most updated technologies to evaluate patient’s samples including urine, blood and even DNA samples.

  • Haematology

  • Biochemistry

  • Clinical Pathology

  • Microbiology

  • Allergy & Intolerance

  • Histocytopathology

  • Molecular Biology

  • Flow Cytometry

1 – Collection of Sample

We offer home sample collection services to offer you convenience

2- Categorization of Samples

The collected samples are then categorized into different relevant categories. 

3 – In-depth Analysis of Sample

Using our advanced equipment, we analyze various sample types including blood, urine and DNA.

4 – Examination By Technicians

A focused examination is carried out by our team of experienced technicians

5 – Preparation of Reports

Based on all the findings, accurate reports are prepared and their hard copies are kept ready.

6 – Timely Delivery of Reports

We ensure that all the reports are delivered to the customers on time. 

Mission And Vision

To become the most trustworthy healthcare partner and do our best to enable healthier lives everywhere.

Our Values



Patient Centricity



Our Approach

We employ cutting-edge technology, For better accuracy of results.

Handling samples with the utmost care, So your health is in safe hands

Skilled Professionals and Scientific Officers provide you with correct insights into your bodily health.

A repertoire of tests is covered across the discipline of lab medicine for better clarity on the treatment required.

Time-bound results of the laboratory tests, So you get timely medicinal assistance.

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All Tests are conducted under our expert staff’s watchful eye.

Walk into our pathology lab today to get meticulous test results in a timely manner.

We Use Cutting Edge Equipment

You can count on our years of healthcare expertise

Cost-effective Tests

Take care of your health without burning a hole in your pocket

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    Our Healthcare Expertise Promises to
    Deliver Precise Results

    We ensure accuracy and precision in the results of all the tests conducted at our facility. We aim to help people gain valuable insights about their health which can further lead to corrective measures in a timely manner. Our team and infrastructure are all in place to provide the best results feasible and that too in a time-sensitive manner.

    Mr. Munish Kumar (Founder)