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Blood Test In Chandigarh

The Complete blood count, or CBC as it is usually known, is a comprehensive blood test that portrays a clearer picture of a patient’s overall condition. It can detect the underlying conditions that may go undetected without a Blood Test In Chandigarh, such as leukaemia or anaemia. Most doctors recommend taking this test as part of the routine and annual health checkups.

What Aspects Are Measured By Good Blood Test Labs in Chandigarh?

A complete blood count test usually determines the levels of the following aspects of your blood:

(White Blood Cells)

White blood cells of the WBC are the ones that significantly contribute to the immune system of your body. Such cells help your body to stand firm up to the dangerous microbes present in your body.

(Mean Corpuscular Volume)

Mean Corpuscular Volume referred to as a scale that is used to measure the size of your RBCs. Surprisingly the size of these cells helps uncover a lot of information about one’s medical condition.

(Red Blood  Cells)

Red Blood cells are shaped like doughnuts without a hole, responsible for transporting oxygen throughout a person’s body. Not only that, but they also carry Carbon dioxide for expulsion.


Platelets come into play when an individual is injured. This particular component of your body helps form blood clots to stop the outflow of blood.


It can be defined as a protein that helps retain the oxygen in an individual’s blood. This Blood Test measures the Hb level apart from the HbA1C or glucose level.


Hematocrit values are crucial to doctors to know how much of a patient’s blood contains RBCs. If the percentage value is low, it may indicate iron deficiency.

Why Should You Take This Blood Test At Home In Chandigarh?

Doctors can recommend you this test for plenty of reasons, but primarily it is for the following purposes –

1. Preparing Comprehensive Report:

As mentioned above, the doctors recommend taking this test as an integral part of a full-fledged medical examination. The results of these tests help doctors better analyze patients’ health. 

2. Determining Medical Condition:

In case you are suffering from any disease, the first thing that a doctor would recommend is to take a CBC test. This is especially true in cases where the illness is somewhat difficult to diagnose from the outside. 

3. Measuring Treatment Efficacy:

At times it becomes hard to assess the efficacy of the treatment being provided to the patient from outside, which calls for a CBC test for better analysis of progress made by the patient. 

4. Determining Patient Condition:

Suppose you suffer from a particular medical condition that has a detrimental effect on your RBCs. In that case, Doctors may suggest you go for a Blood Test In Chandigarh to get a good idea of the current situation and decide the future course of action.

Parting Words

We strive to serve you with the utmost care and provide you with reports with pinpoint accuracy so your health is never compromised. Choose Healthcuro, choose better life!