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COVID Test in Chandigarh

COVID Test in Chandigarh: Fast, Secure & Reliable

RT PCR, an abbreviation for Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction, is the most reliable and accurate testing solution to determine your COVID positivity. With Healthcuro’s assurance of accurate and fast reporting and the expertise of our highly-skilled team, you can easily trust healthcuro Covid-19 Test Lab Near Me

Covid 19 Test in Chandigarh helps detect the presence of Coronavirus in individuals. Keeping the current situation and future safety hazards in mind, the government of Chandigarh continues to advise the citizens to get checked. RT PCR in the Chandigarh test helps a patient in early detection and enables them to get timely treatment against this fatal virus.

Getting RT PCR Test Near Me

At Healthcuro Clinic & Lab, you can get checked for COVID at a very reasonable price with guaranteed accuracy. The RT PCR test is conducted with a throat or a nasal swab to collect the sample. Performing this test is deemed essential to keep the viral disease in check.

Who Are Advised To Get Tested? 

  Anyone who shows the following symptoms or anyone from the list below is recommended to get tested as soon as possible.

Loss of Smell or Taste
Shortness of Breath

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions: Covid Test in Chandigarh

Is it possible I can have COVID-19 even if I don’t have a fever?

The answer would be yes, and There are several symptoms of Coronavirus viral disease that can be directly linked to the infection. Such symptoms have been mentioned above. In some instances, many people have tested positive, despite showing no specific signs of the COVID-19 virus. So it is advised you visit Covid-19 Test Lab Near Me.

What is more accurate, Antigen Test or RT PCR Test?

  RT PCR test provides a better accuracy as compared to its counterpart. The RT PCR test detects specific proteins in the Coronavirus and looks for particular RNA in the immune system. This is why RT PCR provides a more comprehensive report of the infection.